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Welcome to Sam's Scrapbook
Photos, Stories, Histories, and Remembrances
Provided by descendants, families, and friends

Sam Sherman invites you to click on the "Scrapbook Galleries" tab above and look through his extensive galleries of old photos.

Learn some history about people and places in the Orleans, MA (Cape Cod) area from one of the few remaining natives still able to pass along what has been experienced and/or remembered.

Re-live, or develop your own, memories. Re-live how and why (in some instances) our town has evolved the way it has. See who some of the "players" were.

While reviewing the photos, feel free to download them. History is meant to be shared, not hoarded, omitted or regulated. I only ask that no content be used for commercial purposes and that, if shared for personal use, source accreditation is included.

After you have reviewed the photos (and checked out all the "Alternate Facts"), click on the "Contributors" page to see how many folks have contributed to this project in one form or another. Each of these contributors provided their respective photos, descriptions, tales, and knowledge knowing, and wanting, their contributions to be shared.

This is a living, ongoing project but it is not complete. YOU can help. There are those among you who have older photos that would fit very well into this "Scrapbook".

If you are interested in having YOUR photos (or stories) included on this site, or if you have found this site informative and/or interesting and wish to comment, please use Our Feedback Form which can be found on the navigation bar on any "Gallery" page......then, tell all your friends.

Thanks for stopping by!