Just another day with Fred H.

Fred Higgins
“One-armed Fred”

One early November day, just before Thanksgiving Fred Higgins, a local hunting guide drove his Model A coupe (replete with beach tires) to little Pochet Island to catch the morning flight of ducks and geese along the back side of Pochet and up to Mikey’s Hummock, at the mouth of Broad Creek in Little Pleasant Bay.

Fred Higgins with gun
Fred Higgins - "One-armed Fred"

He, along with a doctor that had paid for the hunting trip, began to walk out to one of the many sink boxes that Fred had, sprinkled throughout the area.

The sink box (a semi submerged blind, dug into the marsh) that he would choose was dependent on the weather, wind direction, etc. Some were on the south end of broad Creek, some were to the north, and some were out on Sampson Island along Horseshoe creek that split Sampson and Hog Island.

When he and the doctor arrived at his sink box, he discovered two burly men already in place in his sink box.

“Morning fella’s” said Fred. Sorry to tell ya, but you’re in my box….

“Oh yah?” says one of the men. “Who says it’s your box?” says the other.

“Well,” says Fred, “If ya bend down, and check under the shotgun shell shelf in front of you, you’ll see the name “Fred S. Higgins” painted on it”.

One of the men bends over, and after a few minutes sits up and continues to stare out at the marsh.

“Well, whadaya say fellas- time to move on…” says Fred.

“We aint moving old timer, we got here first” says one of the men.

At this point Fred and the doctor talk quietly, and move back and to the side about 30 feet. Fred and the doctor flipped the buckets that they were carrying over, and set down on them and spread their gear out, and loaded their shotguns.

After a few minutes one of the guys in the sink box yells out to them “Ya god damn fools, you’re never gonna get any ducks or geese sitting out like that” followed by gallows of laughter from the two.

After the laughing died down, Fred announced back, in a matter of fact tone, “Maybe so- but I’ll make goddamn sure that you two aren’t going to get any either, cause I’m firing at everything within 2 miles…”

After some grumbling from the two men, they packed their bags and moved on…

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