Never Give Up! Well…

In my young age, late 1940’s the Hopkins family was known around town as “forgetful” and easily “distracted”. This one illustrates some of that.

One of the several brothers was Larry, so they called him Dick. He had a dragger (quahogs) out of Rock Harbor.

Rock Harbor was (is) shallow, so the boats could go out or come in according to the tide, which meant that the whole fleet would go out and come in at the same time.

For conformity, a boat would come in, unload near Young’s Market, turn around, gas up, tie up at its berth, which was parallel to the dock. The captain would then “de-boat” from the left side.

On this one occasion, Dick had a dead battery that he wanted to leave at a garage to be recharged. So, Dick broke tradition, as the garage was about to close, and went directly to his berth, picked up the battery, and stepped off the left side, keeping an eye on the battery, so it wouldn’t spill acid on his pants, right into the (High Tide) water.

Dick would sink to the bottom, push off, grab a breath, battery in hand and sink again.

Did the other captains throw him a line; did anyone jump in to help him? Absolutely not!!

What they did was to bet each time he surfaced as to whether or not he’d still have the battery.

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