Record Hop 1956

People dancing at the Record Hop 1956

Back when children were our highest priority, the Townspeople and Town officials recognized this and did their best to provide for their needs.

The photo here is not large enough to see that there are numbers assigned to most of the folks in it for ID purposes. We are working on that.

In the list below, if there is a question mark before a name, it means that we are not positive of the identification of that person.

If you recognize anyone in this photo that we have not identified, please give me a call 508-255-3123.  Thank You!

1?Paul Fitzpatrick
2?Mervyn OR Parky Hammatt
3?Beryl Perreault
4Junie Lee
5Fred Mayo
6Tom Lee
7Jon Reed
8Mary Lou McPhee
9Larry Hurley
10Bert Clapp
11Moncrief Cochran
12?Carol Landers OR Ann Rogers
13?Sondra Beardwood
14?Mary Munsey
15Gardner Munsey
16Jack Young
17Eddie Jones
18?Victor Thomas
19?Armand Guarino
20Tom Stewart
21Barbara Deschamps
22Phil Deschamps
23?Louisa Chase
24Jean Chartrand
E1?Jay Brackett
E2?Lois Anderson
E3?George Handel
E4Arnold Miner
E5?Howie Anderson
E6?? Ozon
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