Record Hop 1957

Dancing at the Orleans High School Record Hop

Back when children were our highest priority, the Townspeople and Town officials recognized this and did their best to provide for their needs.

there are numbers on the people, but you can’t see them. Click on the photo to make it larger, making it possible to see the numbers, if you squint.

The photo here is not large enough to see that there are numbers assigned to most of the folks in it for ID purposes. We are working on that.

In the list below, if there is a question mark before a name, it means that we are not positive of the identification of that person.

The Record Hop was sponsored by Orleans Police and Fire Department – by the numbers, sort of left to right:

  1. Phil Deschamps, 2. Omer Chartrand (on stage), 3. Frank Ireland (far left), 4. Leighton Ellis, 4A. Pearl Ellis, 5. Al Watson, 6. Marilyn (Peters) Schofield, 7. Bruce Peters, 8. Russ Boyer (?), 9. Kitty Boyer, 10. Herb Wilcox, 10A. Judy Wilcox, 11. Phil Tarvers, 11A. Donna Sivee, 12. Donna Mayo, 13. Fred Mayo, 14. Helen Neese, 14A. Richard Neese, 15. Tommy Lee, 16. Pattie Chace, 16A. Alan Chace, Sr., 17. Carol Landers, 18. Chet Landers, 19. Henriette (Davis) Harris, 20. Dick Bonnell, 21. Stephanie Bonnell, 22. Mickey Harris, 23. Barry Wilcox, 23A. Grace Mayo, 24. Nate Weber, 25. Gardner Munsey, 25A. Christie Munsey, 26. Russell Chase, 26A. Donna Nickerson, 27. Chet Landers, Jr., 27A. Eleanor Landers, 28. Harriet Knowles, 29. Junie Lee

If you recognize anyone in this photo that we have not identified, please give me a call 508-255-3123. Thank You!

1Phil Deschamps
2Omer Chartrand
3Frank Ireland
4Leighton Ellis
4APearl Ellis
5Al Watson
6Marilyn Peters
7Bruce Peters
8Russ Boyer
9"Kitty" Boyer
10Herb Wilcox
10AJudy Wilcox
11?Phil Tarvers (Provincetown)
11ADonna Sivee
12Donna Mayo
13Fred Mayo
14Helen Neese
14A?Richard Neese
15Tom Lee
15ANatalie Lee
16Patti Chace
16A?Alan Chace, Sr.
17Carol Landers
18Chet Landers
19Henrietta (Davis) Harris
20Dick Bonnell
21Stephanie Bonnell
22Mickey Harris
23Barry Wilcox
23AGrace Mayo
24Nate Weber
25Gardner Munsey
25AChristie Munsey
26Russell Chase
26ADonna Nickerson
27Chet Landers, Jr.
27AEleanor Landers
28?Harriett Knowles
29?Fred Bridgewood
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