Save Your Confederate Money

Charlie “Windy” Moore had a son, Charles, Jr., who spent many years in the corporate world before retiring to his late father’s home next to the Ice Pond down Tonset way. The younger Charlie wanted to do some restoration work on the house, so he hired some men to take down much of the old plaster that had cracked and was falling off the wall. Somewhere along the line, Charlie had stopped at a novelty/joke store and had bought a pile of what appeared to be Confederate money.

When no one was looking, he stuffed some of the money inside a partially torn-down wall, leaving one bill hanging out easily to be seen. One of the workers found the money and was quite demonstrative in relaying the fact to the immediate others. One of them thought that this discovery should be recorded somehow, so he called up the Cape Codder newspaper and got the ear of owner Malcolm Hobbs, a good friend of Mr. Moore.

Mr. Hobbs was greatly interested, so he and a crew of photographers, reporters, and others who were fascinated by such a find, descended on the Moore house, thinking of the possible explanations that there could be. The item appeared in the next edition of the paper and that created even greater interest. Finally, Mr. Moore called up Mr. Hobbs and summarized the whole episode with a rousing “GOTCHA!!”

Sam Sherman

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