Tall Tales

Here are 33 tales, some I received from folks and a few that I drew from memory.

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All tales are 100% true, guaranteed.

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A Fowl Deed

Bill (Humpy) Cummings had a chicken farm down on Nauset Road. Because he wasn’t making enough money to support himself and his wife, Helen, using the then current methods of keeping laying hens and selling the eggs, he began to take a more scientific approach. He calculated that if every one of his hens laid

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Incidental Baseball

My father played baseball for the Orleans Town Team with the likes of the Smith boys, Eidie Nickerson, Elmer Darling, and Claude Hopkins, among others, (circa 1920 or before). The Orleans team would board the morning train for P’town, play the game, and ride the late afternoon train back home to Orleans. Seems like a

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Red Being Red

“Red” Eldredge’s name came up the other day, and I began to laugh to myself as I remembered the kind of baseball player he was. He played back in the days when the Orleans Cardinals were a town team, consisting, as you may have already gathered, of guys from the town only. Red Eldredge –

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Unwilling Cow

Genes passed along through species or The Case of the Unwilling Cow One of Ralph Mayo’s cows stopped giving milk, so he sold her to the slaughter house and began looking for a new one. He had heard that there was some good stock out in Ohio, so he inquired through the dairymen’s monthly magazine.

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The Town Pump Speaks

An Oration by: The Town Pump(as if the pump were speaking) Noon by the North clock! Noon by the East!!! High noon too by these hot sunbeams which fall scarcely aslope upon my head as almost make the water bubble in the trough below my nose. Truly, we public characters have a tough time of

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The Origin of Eldredge Park

Eldredge Park Origin This information was written by Richard Nickerson (of the Nickerson Funeral Home). It was submitted by his widow, Audrey (Holmes) Nickerson. Reference to “Ellis’ Market” refers to the current Friends Market May 26, 1997 Next to the beaches and Harbors, Our Town’s greatest attraction is probably the Ball Field and surrounding recreational

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Tender Loving Care

When I was discharged from the Army in 1959, I got a job for the summer at Goose Hummock Shop, a sporting goods store which overlooks the Town Cove in Orleans. Bobby Bremner worked there, too. From time to time, when things were quiet in the store, we’d look out the back window and watch

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Save Your Confederate Money

Charlie “Windy” Moore had a son, Charles, Jr., who spent many years in the corporate world before retiring to his late father’s home next to the Ice Pond down Tonset way. The younger Charlie wanted to do some restoration work on the house, so he hired some men to take down much of the old

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Running Free

As George Ellis was getting along in years, he sold his boat to a family up the Cove. A daughter, a few years older than I, had expressed an interest in sailing, so her father bought her the boat, and she became the second woman (her mother was the first) and youngest captain in the

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