Tall Tales

Here are 33 tales, some I received from folks and a few that I drew from memory.

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All tales are 100% true, guaranteed.

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Reuben’s Peach Tree

For season after season Reuben Hopkins waited for the peaches to ripen on that sapling (I call it a sapling only because it never had the chance to get big enough to be called anything else.) peach tree in his front yard. But each year, as the fruit began to ripen, one of us kids

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Ralph Mayo’s Appetite

Hunger Beats All After Ralph Mayo sold his dairy farm, he went into the cesspool business. “Bucky” Fulcher, his helper, recounted the following story, 100% guaranteed true in every aspect: Ralph and “Bucky” were pumping out a cesspool one day. As the day progressed, it got to be quite warm, so Ralph took off his

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Railroad Siding

Years ago, when there was a goodly amount of train traffic on Cape Cod, both passenger and freight, there was only one line between. Hyannis and Provincetown and no sidings for trains to pass each other. The railroad company decided to put in a siding in Orleans, about halfway, thus increasing the frequency of train

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The Eyes of the Beholder A Guatemalan friend and I traveled to her native country (Guatemala) for a vacation. While there, she came across a large poster of the native bird (also the name of their currency), the quetzal (kate sahl). This is a now rare and very colorful, exotic bird. She bought the poster

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Playing to a Draw

Playing to a “Draw” Years ago Reuben Austen wanted to add a chimney and fireplace to his home. However, because Reuben was noted for being “slow” in paying his bills, none of the masons in town would take on the job. Finally, however, he did find one who didn’t have much work at the time.

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Why I wanted to be a fireman

Why I Wanted To Be An Orleans Fireman Everyone in the town had a little card tacked near the phone. That card listed the meaning of the various blasts from the big siren on top of the Cummings building: one blast meant it was high noon, two blasts was for East Orleans, one short and

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Perth Amboy

A Recollection of the Perth Amboy Submarine Attack Off Cape Cod, July 1918 By Richard F. Rich It was 1918, and I knew there was a war going on in Europe. But as a boy of 11, summering on Cape Cod, the war didn’t mean much. In retrospect it has always seemed unusual to go

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Notes from Old Town Reports

Interesting notes taken from old Town Reports 1909 – Herbert “Pop” Duncan Stewart is principal of the High School. 1919 – Children buy war bonds to help in the War effort. Flora Arnaud joins elementary school faculty. She had “Teacher Training Classes.” Elizabeth Lewis Clark, Town spelling champ, participates in S.E. Mass. Championship in New

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Maine Lining

Way up in Maine and right on the New Hampshire State line, Art Tuttle had his farm. The state surveyors were checking out the boundaries this one day, re-setting bounds that had gotten knocked over and so on. They got to Art’s farm and discovered a mistake. They saw Art out in his field, so

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