Tall Tales

Here are 33 tales, some I received from folks and a few that I drew from memory.

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All tales are 100% true, guaranteed.

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Learning to Sail

Learning to sail on Town Cove We lived on “first” Gibson Rd. on a bluff overlooking Town Cove. We could see the sailboat races from our living room, and we knew all the numbers and names of the boats (They were named for shore and sea birds: Teal, Black Duck, Sand Piper, etc.), as well

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Judah’s Tow Truck

Judah Eldredge owned the garage that stood where Nauset Marine does business today in Orleans. Way back, my father worked for Judah as a mechanic. Often, according to my father, someone would call and ask for help getting their car started. More often than not, the job would fall to my father, so he’d get

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Just another day with Fred H.

Fred Higgins “One-armed Fred” One early November day, just before Thanksgiving Fred Higgins, a local hunting guide drove his Model A coupe (replete with beach tires) to little Pochet Island to catch the morning flight of ducks and geese along the back side of Pochet and up to Mikey’s Hummock, at the mouth of Broad

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Reverse Hunting

Brothers Chet and Irving Higgins, along with Harry Hunt and Lester Young, went deer hunting up in East Orleans. Their method was to start out in the woods, spread out left and right and, walking abreast, attempt to drive any available deer toward Pleasant Bay, thinking it would be easy to bag one or two

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Homeland Security

Stanley Snow and I, about the age of ten, I’d guess, were guarding “Snows’ woods” at the early end of Gibson Road against all enemies, real and mostly imagined, foreign and domestic. He had a musket, and I had the equal fortune of having a musket of my own. Stanley had unbelievable resources. This time

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Hidden Ball Trick

The Old Hidden Ball Trick Recently I saw a photo of the old baseball field (Bay View Park) located just north of Cottage St., Orleans, a park where my father played ball long ago. In those days there was the currently lost concept of good sportsmanship, e.g. the batter ‘ picking up the catcher’s mask

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Cutting Ice on Cedar Pond

CUTTING ICE ON CEDAR POND By Elmer Snow of Luther HavenWhen I was nine years old in 1930 I was sent to live with my grandparents on Cape Cod This was before many families had refrigerators. We had a wooden icebox with an ice compartment on the top. The ice compartment was lined with tin

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Before computers and e-mail and using the phone was costly for long distance, people would use the mail (snail mail) almost exclusively to communicate. One of the entertaining activities of those earlier days was to play chess through the mail. Each contestant would set up his own board. One would send a letter to the

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Charlies Angels

When I was a boy growing up in Orleans in the mid forties, there was a procedure to life. Things came in a certain order, and everybody knew it and went along with it. When you turned fourteen, you could get your gunning license and go hunting without your father walking behind you. The very

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