Tall Tales

Here are 33 tales, some I received from folks and a few that I drew from memory.

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All tales are 100% true, guaranteed.

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Cape Cod Justice

Lester Higgins is out cutting hay in his hay field this one day when he hears a shotgun go off nearby. He looks around and sees a pheasant go down in the middle of the field. He starts over toward the pheasant when he sees a fella climbing over the fence, headed for the pheasant,

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Boy Scout Meeting

The Unexpected Benefits of being a Boy Scout Around the late forties, the American Legion Post 308 used to meet every other Monday at 7:00 P.M. in a building on Cove Road (nee Bakeshop Road) in Orleans. Because the Boy Scouts, under the guidance of Alaric Coffin (Ollie’s father), used to meet at the same

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Being Railroaded

In a small town, anything different just lit up us young boys’ curiosity, and we always wanted to get involved. This attitude was exemplified by the arrival on a weekly basis of the “Putt-Putt” in the center of town. This “Putt-Putt” was a four-wheeled little railroad maintenance vehicle that carried up to four workers. They

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My first memory of baseball was way back when Whit Howes, Bobby Chandler, Jessie Daniels, Paul Corrigan and a guy named Francis (Monk) Higgins played. It was a Fourth of July, when they had the traditional field day at Eldredge Park. Back row L to R Red Eldredge, Dave Bremner, Junie Lee, Bill Brown, Bobby

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A Moving Movie

As a young boy, perhaps twelve or thirteen, I had occasion to go to a movie in Wellfleet. They showed movies once a month in the basement of that big white church that’s just before entering the center of town. Not much of a theater; kind of dingy. But it was the movie that counted.

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Never Give Up! Well…

In my young age, late 1940’s the Hopkins family was known around town as “forgetful” and easily “distracted”. This one illustrates some of that. One of the several brothers was Larry, so they called him Dick. He had a dragger (quahogs) out of Rock Harbor. Rock Harbor was (is) shallow, so the boats could go

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