Tall Tales

Here are 32 tales, some I received from folks and a few that I drew from memory.

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All tales are 100% true, guaranteed.

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Cape Cod Justice

Lester Higgins is out cutting hay in his hay field this one day when he hears a shotgun go off nearby. He looks around and sees a pheasant go down in the middle of the field. He starts over toward the pheasant when he sees a fella climbing over the fence, headed for the pheasant,

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Boy Scout Meeting

The Unexpected Benefits of being a Boy Scout Around the late forties, the American Legion Post 308 used to meet every other Monday at 7:00 P.M. in a building on Cove Road (nee Bakeshop Road) in Orleans. Because the Boy Scouts, under the guidance of Alaric Coffin (Ollie’s father), used to meet at the same

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Being Railroaded

In a small town, anything different just lit up us young boys’ curiosity, and we always wanted to get involved. This attitude was exemplified by the arrival on a weekly basis of the “Putt-Putt” in the center of town. This “Putt-Putt” was a four-wheeled little railroad maintenance vehicle that carried up to four workers. They

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My first memory of baseball was way back when Whit Howes, Bobby Chandler, Jessie Daniels, Paul Corrigan and a guy named Francis (Monk) Higgins played. It was a Fourth of July, when they had the traditional field day at Eldredge Park. Back row L to R Red Eldredge, Dave Bremner, Junie Lee, Bill Brown, Bobby

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A Moving Movie

As a young boy, perhaps twelve or thirteen, I had occasion to go to a movie in Wellfleet. They showed movies once a month in the basement of that big white church that’s just before entering the center of town. Not much of a theater; kind of dingy. But it was the movie that counted.

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